The Best and Worst Drivers By State for 2017

December 14, 2017

It is getting to be close to the end of the year and the data is in for road safety. Where does your state rank?

Quotewizard has collected an extensive amount of information from their own incident data combined with the Federal Highway Administration reports to rank each state from best to worst drivers. Their rankings focused on accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations, and fatalities.

Here is their list starting from worst (California) to best (Rhode Island).

1. California
2. Minnesota
3. Utah
4. South Carolina
5. Washington
6. Nebraska
7. Maine
8. Virginia
10. North Dakota
11. Georgia
12. Vermont
13. Kansas
14. Ohio
15. Delaware
16. New Jersey
17. Colorado
18. Oregon
19. Connecticut
20. Maryland
21. Wyoming
22. New Mexico
23. Wisconsin
24. New Hampshire
25. North Carolina
26. Louisiana
27. Iowa
28. Alabama
29. Texas
30. Missouri
31. Massachusetts
32. Indiana
33. Pennsylvania
34. Tennessee
35. Alaska
36. Hawaii
37. New York
38. Montana
39. Kentucky
40. Arizona
41. Oklahoma
42. West Virginia
43. Illinois
44. South Dakota
45. Nevada
46. Arkansas
47. Michigan
48. Mississippi
49. Florida
50. Rhode Island

According to their research, California has the worst drivers in America. Anyone who lives in a state that Californians are moving to can agree with this sentiment. As soon as a drop of moisture appears, chaos ensues.

Minnesota was ranked the second worst. Maybe this has to do with the state’s brutal weather. Utah might be a surprising number three, but last year they were ranked number one.

Rhode Island is ranked as the best driving state in America according to these rankings. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering the state is so small, it must be hard to find a place to crash without ending up in a different state.

Florida shows up as a surprising second best state for drivers. The state known for the craziest headlines (just google “Florida man” and see for yourself), but apparently everything gets back to normal once you get on the road.

Also, according to this list, conservatives are better drivers than liberals. The very blue states of California, Washington, and Minnesota are ranked one, two, and five. The average red state is ranked 21st whereas the average blue state is ranked 28th. Maybe conservative political views mean conservative driving styles?

Do you agree with where your state ranks in this list? Share this article with that person you know is ruining your state’s rank!

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