The Best (And Strangest) Countdown to Christmas Calendars on the Market

November 01, 2017

It’s after Halloween. You know what that means? It’s almost Christmas. Okay, so maybe we still have to get through Thanksgiving, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a little early.

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the time leading up to the holiday. My family has always loved Advent Calendars. They are an amazing way of spending time every day looking forward to the coming holiday. Check out these awesome Advent Calendars to bring a little joy to your season.

1. Godiva Advent Calendar

This list wouldn’t be any good if it didn’t start with a chocolate advent calendar. Each of the little boxes contains a delicious chocolate. There is an assortment of dark, milk, and white chocolate candies to open every day. Buy one here.

2. Jam Advent Calendar

This advent calendar can be a great option for anyone who loves their piece of toast or English muffin every morning. In this calendar, there are 24 different flavors of preserves, jelly, and honey. Buy one here.

3. Pringles Advent Calendar

Alright, this is a weird one, but apparently, it’s been popular! It only counts down the last 12 days until Christmas, but every single day has its own flavor of Pringles. These are only sold by B&M stores in England. Of course, there are also a ton of them for sale on eBay for marked-up prices.

4. Tea Advent Calendar

If you love a good cup of tea in the cold weather—this is the perfect Advent for you. English Tea Shop has released an Advent calendar with 12 different flavors of tea in it. Buy one of these here.

5. Pet Treats!

Never neglect your furry friend! While the rest of the family is enjoying their treats—you dog can enjoy theirs! Buy one here.

6. Make your own!

Of course, if you don’t love any of these ideas, you could always fill your own advent. There are plenty of options that you can buy online and fill yourself. You can put some candies, treats, or games in each one to enjoy every night of December. Buy one here.

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