The Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 to Make Cooking so Much Easier

December 11, 2017

There are hundreds of different kitchen gadgets available—each one can do something a little bit different. No home kitchen is large enough to handle every single gadget (and some of those gadgets just aren’t worth it). But there are some gadgets that are definitely worth buying.

Check out these top-rated kitchen gadgets that are under $20. In no time, you’ll be breezing through cooking with no problem!

1. Herb shears

These shears have ten blades, not two like normal scissors. This makes it extremely easy to cut up different herbs into smaller slices. From green onion and chives to basil and dill, these shears are the perfect answer for people who use a lot of fresh herbs. At only $10, these shears are definitely worth the time saved. Buy them here.

2. Avocado tool

If you’re a millennial (or share a kitchen with one), you’ll probably love this avocado tool. It has a knife to make slicing it open a little easier. It also has a circle that can hold onto the pit and pull it out easily. It also has a net that can slice your avocado easily. It’s only $6.99 on Amazon and can save you hundreds in doctor bills from a sliced palm. Buy it here.

3. Ove Glove

The “Ove” Glove is basically an oven mitten. But have you ever tried to take something out of the oven and you end up dipping the mitten in your freshly baked pie or casserole? This glove should help with that. Instead of having a bulky mitten, the Ove Glove looks more like a glove. This one is only $20.99 for a two pack—definitely worth buying to save your hands (and your pies). Buy it here.

4. Splatter screen

Fat and oil can get everywhere when you’re trying to fry something, but there’s really nothing quite like that perfectly fried chicken or bacon. Instead of dealing with grease splatters burning your hands and arms, this splatter screen is an easy alternative. It rests on top of pots and pans and keeps splatters in, while still allowing plenty of airflow. It’s only $13.99, so it’s definitely worth the money. Check it out here.

5. Meat shredders

Shredded meat can be absolutely delicious, but it can take a lot of time (and hand cramps). These shredding claws help you shred meat faster and easier than just using a fork. The handles are also much more comfortable than other alternatives. They’re only around $13. Check out the top-rated brand of shredders here.

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