The Best-Selling Item At Costco Revealed And It Is Shocking Millions Of People; What Can It Be?

October 26, 2018

Most of us who have a Costco membership tend to frequent the store often, and not just for practical items, but for samples. In my family, that's part of the reason for going to Costco! And who can beat their lunch option of a hotdog and a soda for a $1.50?

Costco rakes in billions of dollars each and every year, and it's no surprise to us. They are able to offer unique, yet desirable products at a reasonable price.

A new report came in revealing the most popular item at Costco, and many people are left in shock, or left saying, "Oh yeah, that makes complete sense!"

You might be surprised that it's not the go-to-dinner option, the $4.99 rotisserie chicken. Here's a hint: it's something you regularly need but you may hate spending money on.

If you guessed Costco's toilet paper, then you are correct! According to "MSN," Costco sells more than a billion roles every year and makes about $400 million each year just on this product. With its high-quality material and warehouse price, we aren't surprised why these are in everyone's shopping cart.

Aside from toilet paper, what else do you usually buy at Costco? Let us know!