The Best Winter Activities to Keep Kids Busy This Year

December 06, 2017

When it’s warm outside, it’s easy to keep kids busy. Just send them outside with toys or friends and you’re set. When it’s cold, though, it’s a different story altogether. Check out these great ways to keep your kids and grandkids busy this winter.

1. Head outside

Yes, it might take a bit more effort to get them outside in the winter than it is during the summer, but you can still spend time in the outdoors. Whether they build a snowman or a snow fort, it can keep them busy for a little bit of time.

2. Color in the snow

Doesn’t snow just look like the perfect canvas for coloring? Next time it snows outside, fill a spray bottle with water and food coloring and spray designs into the snow. If it snows again the next day, there’s another new canvas for you to draw on.

3. Make homemade hot cocoa

It’s easy to whip up some hot cocoa, but it can be more fun to make it yourself. Instead of just adding the powder to water, try making your own hot cocoa. You can make the taste as rich as you want.

4. Go bowling

This isn’t necessarily the most winter-themed activity, but it can be a great way to stay warm inside and spend some great family time together. On the way back home, you can even buy some hot cocoas for the perfect winter mood.

5. Family game night

If your family loves gaming, then this is probably a go-to for you. Popcorn, hot cocoa, Christmas music, and games by the Christmas tree is the perfect way of getting ready for Christmas.

6. Build a Christmas gift

There are tons of Christmas gifts that you could make for family members. Instead of going out and buying a gift for grandma, learn a new skill and make one! Whether that means knitting potholders, or painting a shelf—there are tons of things you can do.

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