The Gifts Millennials “Deserve” for Christmas

November 29, 2017

Everyone knows that millennials can’t seem to get their lives together. Instead of buying homes, they’re buying avocado toast. Instead of getting jobs, they’re traveling the world. Don’t bother getting the Millennials in your life something they want for Christmas, then they’ll just be more entitled—instead, get them what they deserve.

1. A tent

Millennials aren’t buying homes, and they don’t want to rent, either. If you get them a tent for Christmas, they’ll always have a place to go, even when nothing else works out. Check out a great option here.

2. A spatula

Chances are, the millennial in your life doesn’t know much about cooking, but they’ll probably end up working in food service for the rest of their life. Instead of buying them something unpractical, buy them a spatula! At least you know they’ll get a good use out of it. This one is perfect for the aspiring hamburger-flipper (or philosophy major).

3. Mood rings

Millennials hate diamonds, so don’t bother buying them some expensive piece of jewelry they’ll never wear. Instead, remind them of the days when things were simpler with these mood rings. Not only will they feel sentimental, but now you’ll be able to know when they’re feeling especially angry at the world. Check out this set!

4. A permanent selfie

Millennials are constantly taking selfies, so why not get them a permanent selfie! Just get them this pocket mirror. Anytime they want to take a selfie, they just have to look at their own reflection. It’s the perfect gift for the selfie-user in your life. Nice, cheap, easy. This one will be perfect.

5. Selfie book

If the Millennial in your life is a frequent Instagram-user or is celeb-obsessed, buy them Kim Kardashian’s book of selfies. The name of the book is “Selfish” and it contains hundreds of selfies that she’s taken. Buy it here.

6. Phone lockbox

If you’re sick and tired of the millennial in your life just sitting on their phone, you can get them this phone lockbox. You can lock their phone away until you’re ready for them to see it again. Really, you would just be helping them get away from their phone addiction. You can buy all the quality time you want right here.

7. Espresso phone case

You know how they never go anywhere without their cup of coffee? Well the perfect gift for them is this espresso-brewing phone case. All they have to do is add a cartridge and hit a button and they can brew their own coffee on the go. Check it out here.

These gifts might be funny to get for the Millennial in your life, but there are also tons of other gift guides you can check out for a gift they’ll actually appreciate. Check out this guide for kids and this one for the health-nut in your life.

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