The Groom Was Ready for Pictures, but the Bride Showed up Without Her Dress

November 14, 2017

On their wedding day, the first look can be a special time for a couple. One bride in Scottsdale, Arizona wanted to do something a little more surprising for her groom, though.

Ean and Erin were getting married in Arizona on November 11. They had planned a first look before their ceremony. But Erin wanted to do something a little different for their first look.

Instead of heading to their first look in her wedding dress, Erin decided to surprise her groom by dressing in her favorite outfit: a cat shirt and sweatpants. She had bought the cat shirt from Walmart years before and the sweatpants were old and raggedy.

Erin shared, “I thought it would be really funny for Ean to turn around, expecting this huge moment of me looking gorgeous in my dress with my makeup and hair done, only to turn around and see me in one of my typically embarrassing casual outfits.”

Leading up to the big reveal, though, Erin was a little nervous that he might not think it’s funny. She shared that all she could think about was, “I hope he finds this as funny as I do.”

Luckily Ean loved it. He turned around and was really confused for a minute. When he figured out what was happening, he immediately started laughing.

Erin shared with her photographer that she wanted to do this several weeks before the wedding. The photographer loved the idea and worked with Erin to schedule it into their plan for the day. According to Molly McElenney, their photographer, “This was just another way they displayed the playfulness of their relationship.”

The couple now has some amazing photos of the cat-themed first look. Of course, they also did a traditional first look.

Erin shared about the prank first look, “We will remember how much pressure it took off the rest of the wedding day having started off with that hysterical, laughing moment that just the two of us shared. It was a lot easier to relax and take more serious (and incredible) first-look photos when we were more comfortable.”

Erin found the perfect way to make them both feel more comfortable and excited for their big day. Of course, her husband thought she looked lovely regardless. He shared, “Even in her cat shirt, sweatpants, and stupid slip-on shoes, she still looked drop-dead gorgeous.”

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