The Internet Can't Agree! What Colors Do You See?

October 12, 2017

Remember the dress that went viral in 2015? Some viewers saw blue and black, while others saw white and gold. What did you see?

This debate originated right before a wedding in Scotland. The bride's mother took a photo of the of the dress she was planning on wearing and sent the photo to her daughter. After disagreements over the perceived colors, the bride took to Facebook to see what her friends saw. That sparked more discrepancies which then launched the photo to go viral.

As for the shoes — another color controversy. What color do you see?

Some people see pink and white, while others see gray and teal.

One Twitter user claims that the photo was originally taken with a low-quality camera with bad lighting.

The shoe is a women's Vans sneaker called the "Old Skool," and describes the color as a "Mahogany Rose/True White." So, maybe that settles the debate? What Vans says goes!

"It’s a perception issue. It's the way the brain processes information that comes in,” eye surgeon Paul Dougherty told TODAY. “Everyone's brain is different, so even though it's the same stimulus coming in, which it is, everyone processes the information differently."

Share with your family and friends to hear what colors they see! In other news, Amazon has posted a fun puzzle. Can you solve it?

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