The Justification You Needed to Put Christmas Decorations Up Early

November 21, 2017

Around this time every year, there are constant debates about Christmas. Some people believe that the Christmas season shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving. Others believe that Christmas celebrations should begin as soon as the weather starts getting cold.

Well, I have rough news for the grinches out there—those people who believe that Christmas can’t be celebrated until after Thanksgiving. Christmas decorations make people happier.

According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, “In a world full of stress and anxiety, people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood. Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!”

Not only that, but you are also more likely to be perceived as friendly if you have Christmas decorations up. A study for the “Journal of Environmental Psychology” examined how people who put Christmas decorations up early were perceived compared to those without decorations outside their homes.

According to the study, “When Christmas decorations were present, raters actually attributed greater sociability to the non sociable residents, citing a more open appearance as the basis for their judgments.”

Residents who were behaviorally non sociable were still perceived as being more sociable when they had Christmas decorations up. So if you’re trying to get along well with your neighbors, or if you’re new to the block, it might be worth putting those decorations up a few weeks early.

So if you’re one of those grinches that hates Christmas decorations, whether it’s before or after Thanksgiving—maybe you should look into getting a few of your own. If you already love Christmas decorations, then I just gave you the evidence you needed to justify your decorating habits!

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