The Kardashians Explain Why Their Christian Faith is Their “Sanctuary”

November 07, 2017

Usually, when the name “Kardashian” is mentioned, people think of a self-obsessed family that doesn’t care about anything else. Yes, that’s exactly the image that is often portrayed, but there’s a lot more to the family than that.

In fact, through the years, different members of the Kardashian family have opened up about their Christian faith. Check out some of their comments below—and prepare to have your perceptions changed!

Kris Jenner is the matriarch of the Kardashian family. Several years ago she sat down with Josh Skinner, a songwriter (and the son of a Christian minister). During their conversation, they talked about faith.

Skinner asked, “What do you say to those people who feel like a Christian should fit into this mold. Obviously, your family does not fit into that cookie-cutter mold—how would you define your relationship with God, then?”

Kris responded, “I don’t think God wants us to fit into any mold. I mean, that would be silly for us to think that we’re all supposed to be exactly the same. I think that one thing that my religious journey has taught me is that anything is possible.”

Check out the full interview here. Their conversation of faith starts at 5:26.

Kris shared that her older daughters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, all went to an all-girls Catholic high school because she wanted to sneak prayer into their lives as much as possible.

The Kardashians (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob) sat down with Oprah for her network. Oprah asked about their faith, sharing what we all think about the Kardashians, “It doesn’t feel like it’s about spirituality. It feels like it’s about another space.”

The Kardashians responded by sharing how much faith is a part of their lives. Kim shared that they all have Bible calendars, and spiritual books are a big part of their lives. They know that’s not what’s coming across on their TV show, though.

Kim shared how frustrating that can be for her, “With the show with a lot of people, they show what’s interesting. That’s not interesting to them.”

Khloe shared that she’s glad her spirituality is private, “My spirituality—I don’t need to prove to anybody. It’s more of a sanctuary—it’s something that I like to keep private.” Check out the full interview here.

If you watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” you might hear the sisters say something about prayer or church, but you rarely get a glimpse into that side of them. But Khloe did make a good point: it would be hard to have your whole life displayed on TV for everyone to see. For her, faith is the place that she can go that she can keep personal.

It’s amazing to hear these celebrities talk about their faith. Of course, their lives aren’t perfect, but no one’s life is.

In other news, Mark Wahlberg recently opened up about his own faith. Check out the story here.

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