The Latest Fashion Trend, Backpack Purses

August 14, 2017

Purses are wonderful inventions. You can keep your entire life in one if it’s big enough. The only problem with the traditional purse is how uncomfortable they can be to carry. A short strap purse demands the attention of your hand or your shoulder and a long strap purse can throw your back off balance, causing issues later on.

Luckily for us, fashion has recently taken on a new style of versatile bags: the backpack. These can carry more in them than a traditional purse, are easier to carry, and there are some really cute options available. Check out these cute backpack purses.

This black, genuine leather purse is very simple and classy. The strap for this bag can convert into a shoulder strap if you prefer a single strap. This purse isn’t as large as your school day backpacks, but can definitely fit the essentials.

This purse has a simple, minimalist look that will match with any outfit. This is slightly larger than many backpack purse options, but it is much flatter, so it won’t be as bulky as a traditional backpack.

This simple, minimalist purse is made with the same quality as all Michael Kors bags, so if you’re looking for something to hold up well, this is a good option. Again, it’s smaller than a traditional backpack but large enough for a purse.

This two-tone leather backpack is cute and environmentally friendly! The leather is made using 100% vegan textured eco polyurethane and the hardware is recycled metal with 18K gold plating.

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