The Queen and Meghan Markle Have The Most Awkward Moment in Royal History; Everything Caught on Camera

June 18, 2018

The Queen and Meghan Markle just returned from their first royal engagement together in Cheshire, and they were smiling like they have known each other for years.

After stepping off the royal train at Runcorn, the two were ushered towards a waiting car. However, just steps away from the vehicle, Meghan and the Queen shared a brief moment of confusion.

It was around 10:30 A.M. when the conflict happened, and it was captured by several journalists.

It appeared that Meghan was told to get inside the vehicle before Her Majesty which Meghan, understandably, seemed uncomfortable with that gesture.

According to the royal protocol, Meghan, among others, are required to walk behind the Queen. Already knowing this fact, Meghan was following the rules.

However, a decade-long preference of the Queen is that she prefers to sit behind the driver's seat, which in this case, is on the right-hand side. Meghan might not have been aware of that as she was likely following the "stand behind the Queen" protocol.

You can see in the video below that a man told Meghan to step into the car before the Queen. Meghan stopped when it appeared the Queen was about to step inside, but she stopped as well, likely realizing she wouldn't be in her preferred spot.

"What's your preference?" Markle asked her grandmother-in-law.

"You go first," the Queen replied to Markle, who responded, "Oh, okay."


What do you think about this awkward moment? Let us know! In other news, Prince William found out his father's secret he kept from Princess Diana leaving William and Harry in tears.

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