The Queen is Forcing Meghan Markle to Do The Unthinkable After Her Slew of Scandals; Will Meghan Survive?

May 25, 2018

The royal wedding has come and gone so quickly, but people keep talking about it. Meghan Markle has gone through a lot the last few months with her estranged family leading to several unnecessary scandals. Prince Harry stood by her side, though, as she dealt with the press and her family struggles.



While she seems to have jumped right in, the Queen doesn't quite see it that way. She has plans for the Duchess of Sussex before she gets her feet wet.


Queen Elizabeth II has ordered that Meghan go through a six-month course to learn what is expected of her, what her roles are, and how she should act as a royal member. Many people believe that Meghan has a long way to go to reach a respectable level. 



Meghan is excited to be married to Harry and to experience their next chapter together, but before long, the Queen will be keeping her busy with training.


While the Queen is not likely to be the one in front of the class, it will be her trusty, "feisty Australian," assistant private secretary, Samantha Cohen. She is also known as "Samantha the Panther." So you can imagine how the training will be. 


Ms. Cohen has over 17 years experience as part of the Queen's elite team advisors. Meghan will need to be prepared for "six months of listening," according to the "Daily Mail."



Ms. Cohen has apparently exulted her nickname of "Samantha the Panther." In the past, the Queen asked Ms. Cohen to organize a special party at the Buckingham Palace for the most powerful 200 women in Britain. The married mother of three showed her claws that day when she didn't invite Victoria Beckham because "being rich was not enough" to receive an invite.


Some people don't think Meghan will survive. Do you? Let us know! We'd love to hear your thoughts!


In other news, Prince William is making royal history with this exciting decision! No other royal has done this before.

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