Here's The Real Reason The Queen Didn't Show Up to Prince Louis' Christening And Fans Are Left Blindsided By This Revelations

July 09, 2018

July 9 marks a huge milestone for the royal family and their newest family member. It's Prince Louis' christening day!

While most of the royal clan attended the big event, there were two important people that were not in attendance. The Queen and Prince Philip.

Many fans are filtering through the Internet to find out why they decided to not show up for their great-grandson's big day. It may come as a shock to most, but Kate Middleton had something to do with it.

The decision to not show up was "mutually agreed" upon between the 92-year-old monarch and Kate "some time ago," a source tells "People."

While it hasn't been confirmed yet as to why the Queen didn't show up, many people believe it's due to her busy work schedule. She just finished up a big week last week, and she has a slew of events scheduled this week. In addition, she also was reportedly not feeling well a couple weeks ago.

On Tuesday, Her Majesty will be attending the 100th birthday of the Royal Air Force at Westminister Abbey in London and on Friday, she will be hosting President Donald Trump at Windsor Castle.

As for Prince Philip, sources say there is nothing to be concerned about. While the 97-year-old prince has had some health scares in recent years, he reportedly is doing fine.

According to royal sources confirmed by "People," everyone in the royal household is "comfortable with the arrangement."

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! In other news, big news just released about Prince George leaving William and Kate extremely proud! Are you?

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