The Queen Takes Meghan Hundreds of Miles Away From Harry; People Wonder How She Will Do Alone

June 05, 2018

Meghan Markle doesn't appear to get much time to breathe after her recent wedding with Prince Harry. Following their big day, the newlyweds attended Prince Charles' 70th birthday charity event, and then took off on their honeymoon.

When the Duchess of Sussex returns to London, the Queen has set up a royal engagement that will take Meghan more than 180 miles away from her new husband. Yes, that's right. Prince Harry will not be standing by his bride's side at this event.

The big event will take place on June 14, according to the royal's website. The workload seems right up Meghan's alley but there will likely be some sore feet by the end of the jam-packed day.

Her Majesty has asked Meghan to attend three different events. One will be held at Cheshire while the other two will be held at Chester.

The first event Her Majesty and Meghan will be attending is the official opening of Mersey Gateway Bridge at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Cheshire.

The next event will be the official opening of the Storyhouse Theatre in Chester following a lunch at Chester Town Hall. The Storyhouse Theatre serves several purposes such as a cinema, library, and a community center.

What do you think about the royal duo's upcoming outings? Many people are wondering if Harry is concerned for his wife. Rather than worry, Harry should know that she is in good hands with the Queen. Let us know your thoughts! We'd love to hear about them!

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