The Queen's Guardsman Violently Shoves Woman After She Does The Unthinkable At Windsor Castle; Shocking Footage Released Goes Viral

July 25, 2018

Important Tip: Do not mess with Queen Elizabeth's guardsmen.

Just recently, a startling video was released showing a guardsman violently shoving a female tourist while outside Windsor Castle. Many people who have viewed this footage are speechless.

If you understand the job of a guardsman, you would know that you just don't mess with them. Their important job is to protect the Queen and the royal estate.

The 300-year-old job is a very serious job. Taking pictures with a guardsman seems to be the new touristy thing to do. However, if someone upsets their work in any way, they typically shout, "Make way for the Queen's Guard," and will have not problem knocking someone down.

Here's what happened: a woman decided to jump the rope barrier and stand in the path of an upcoming guardsman. It's pretty obvious what will happen next.

The serious guardsman marched up from behind her and shoved her. She nearly fell to the ground as she screamed. The woman was not injured, but she was clearly shaken up.


Let's repeat the crucial tip: Do not mess with the Queen's guardsmen.