The Royal Family’s Christmas Traditions

December 12, 2017

Every family has their own Christmas traditions. Whether that includes church on Christmas eve, hiding a pickle ornament in the tree, or having a huge family get together. Even the royal family has their own traditions.

This year, the royal family has another huge event to celebrate: the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While we don’t know if she’ll be celebrating with the family this year, she has many Christmases to look forward to after marrying Prince Harry.

Check out these royal family Christmas traditions. Maybe they’re not as different from regular families as we often think.

Celebrate at Sandringham Estate

Every year, the family visits their “country house.” Of course, like any other royal home, it’s huge, but Sandringham Estate is actually much smaller than many royal residences. Because of this, the family has to keep the Christmas guest list to a minimum. The Queen usually heads out to the country the week before Christmas on a public train to prepare for the family.

A royal “football” match

For several years, Prince William and Prince Harry have started the tradition of putting together a “football” (soccer) game. Like any true soccer match, there is plenty of trash talking and competitiveness between the brothers. One year, Prince William even pleaded with the ref to give his brother a yellow flag.

Christmas Eve Afternoon Tea

On Christmas Eve, the family gets together for Afternoon Tea. While the adults sip their tea and eat sandwiches and biscuits, some of the children finish putting the last few ornaments on the tree.

Gag gifts

On Christmas Eve, the family exchanges gag gifts. Prince Phillip once received a light-up pepper mill. Prince Harry even once gave the Queen a shower cap that read “Ain’t Life a B**ch!”

Christmas morning church

Early on Christmas Day, the family gathers for breakfast before heading to the church of St. Mary Magdalene for the 9 am service for communion. They return home to change their clothes into something nicer to return to the 11 am service.

Christmas Day lunch

Of course, after two different church services, there has to be a huge lunch. It typically includes roasted turkey, traditional sides, and Christmas desserts. After lunch, the family gathers to listen to the Queen’s holiday broadcast.

An evening of charades.

After a lighter dinner, the family gets back together for an evening of games, puzzles, and charades. Some years they even project a movie onto a screen in the ballroom.

Boxing day shoot

While the evening of charades is the end of Christmas Day for the family, it isn’t the end of celebrations. Prince Philip usually hosts a pheasant hunt on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). No one knows if that will happen this year, with Philip’s retirement from public life earlier this year.

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