The Top 5 (Slightly Strange) Items to Buy From Trader Joe’s

December 08, 2017

Trader Joe’s is a glorious place where you can buy almost anything that you never knew you needed. But then when you try it, you realize how much you were missing. Whether that’s Cookie Butter or plantain chips, there’s reasonably-priced organic food for everyone there.

1. Bacon Jam

It’s hard not to love bacon. The fat, the salt, the sugar—it’s just delicious. Trader Joe’s took our love of bacon to a new level, though. In all honesty, the jam itself looks like something you should throw out, not something to slather on your grilled cheese, but the flavor makes up for how it looks. There are no limits to the number of foods you can pair this incredible jam with.

2. Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese

Here’s another one that sounds bizarre, but I have no doubt that the flavor will convince you. On any good cheeseboard, there are probably some apples or grapes, so it does make sense to pair fruit with cheese. This product just combines both into a single bite of cheese. It might be an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, it’s delicious.

3. Mini Quiches

This one makes sense. There’s nothing too exciting about it. They’re just delicious mini quiches. Which is a little repetitive, considering mini quiches are always delicious. These are a little more exciting than your classic quiches. There are two quiche flavors: truffle with swiss and bacon and sauteed onion.

4. Cookie butter

This list would never be complete if I didn’t add cookie butter. If you haven’t tried it already, you need to. Cookie butter is a spread made from Speculoos spice cookies (and a bunch of sugar). It sounds basic, but trust me, it’s delicious.

5. Roasted plantain chips

Roasted plantain chips might sound a little strange, but they taste extremely similar to regular potato chips—without all the fat. While you’re buying them, you might as well check out some of the bacon jam as a dip.

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