The Unexpected Happens After Woman Finds Man Rummaging Through Her Car

November 21, 2017

At first, it was a typical day for Tiffany in 2012. She went grocery shopping and gathered her usual necessities. The day took a turn when she was leaving her local supermarket, Publix, and she noticed a man rummaging through her white Jeep Cherokee.

As she was approaching her vehicle to confront the man, she was preparing for confrontation as she thought this stranger was attempting to steal her car.

Just feet from her Jeep she realized the man was actually loading up groceries into her trunk. Tiffany told the man that he was at the wrong car and that it was hers. He didn't believe her.

"He was completely disoriented," Tiffany told the DailyMail. "'I was definitely a little more friendly than he was. He was very adamant it was his car and was almost annoyed with me, probably thinking I was a nutcase."

Tiffany clicked her key fob to lock and unlock the car which caused the horn to sound presenting ample evidence that the vehicle was indeed hers. After the proof, Colin realized this was not his car and apologized. His white Jeep was right next to hers.

To soften the embarrassing moment, Tiffany said jokingly, "You can leave your groceries though. I'll be happy to take them."

"Only if you're going to make me dinner with them," Colin replied with a smirk. They both laughed and exchanged phone numbers. After two weeks of texting, Tiffany invited him over for dinner.

Tiffany informed her roommate of the upcoming date and set up an escape plan in case the date was going poorly.

"Even though I invited him over to my place, I wanted some escape route in place in case he was weird or I was uncomfortable," Tiffany said. "She called, and I didn't answer, but then sent her a text saying 'All's good.'"

Their date blossomed into a long-term relationship, and they ended up getting married earlier this year. Still, to this day, the two have a difficult time telling their cars apart.

"To be honest, it was funny and we laughed the first 10 times it happened," Tiffany said. "Now it is just the biggest annoyance. We constantly mix up these Jeeps."

"The crazy part? We BOTH had Jeep Wranglers before each having a Jeep Cherokee," Tiffany added. "Granted, those were different colors, but we still can't believe that."

Last summer the couple went to Sombrero Reef for a weekend getaway. They woke up early the next morning to go snorkeling and to their surprise, they were the only boat out on the reef. While on the boat, Tiffany was distracted by a sea turtle and Colin was setting up his GoPro to catch the proposal. 

“After a few attempts, he came to the front of the boat, held my arm and guided me to the back,” she says. “When we were making our way to the back of the boat he said, ‘I lied to you. I don’t want to snorkel.’ At that moment I knew, and I lost it.”

Check out their full story below shared by "The Way We Met."

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