The US Navy has 11 Aircraft Carriers. The Rest of the World Combined? 8

July 20, 2017

If you ever wondered just how powerful the United States’ military is when compared to the rest of the world, just take a look at our aircraft carriers.  The strength of the US Navy is one of the main keys to its military prowess.  Just one US aircraft carrier has more military power than the vast majority of every other nation’s entire military force.

One US Navy aircraft carrier is roughly the 7th most powerful air force in the world when based off of the sheer number of aircraft alone. It’s no surprise then that the second most powerful air force in the world is the US Navy, behind only the US Air Force.

American aircraft carriers are essential for the United States’ ability to project power across the globe. Within a few days, the US can send a floating base within striking distance of any shore. 

As we mentioned, the US has 10 of these ships, excluding the one in reserve. Additionally, one is awaiting commission, the other under construction, and yet another is in the works.

Besides just the military might that an aircraft carrier brings, it is also an incredible asset for humanitarian aid. It's like bringing a floating city to the aid of any country.  The nuclear reactors an aircraft can generate equates to a city’s worth of electricity. A single carrier can purify 400,000 gallons of water a day, not to mention the armada of support brought along by the rest of the carrier fleet.

The rest of the world simply cannot compete with the size and strength of the US Navy and its aircraft carriers. China, for example, has only one aircraft carrier that started out as an unfinished Soviet aircraft carrier that was sold as scrap to a Chinese investor. The investor was going to make it into a casino until it was bought by the Chinese government. 

Russia also has just one aircraft carrier, a sister ship of the Chinese carrier. Its reliability is not the greatest, as it travels with a tugboat wherever it goes.