The World's Deadliest Cat Isn't a Lion or Tiger—In Fact, It's Only 5 Pounds

January 30, 2018

There’s no question that cats are adorable, but there’s also no question that there are plenty of cats to be afraid of. Whether it’s lions or tigers or leopards—if you came face-to-face with any of them, it might be the last thing you do.

But none of those massive cats win the title of being the deadliest. That title actually goes to the smallest one—the black-footed cat.

Alright, so maybe this tiny little nugget isn’t the most deadly cat for humans. However, it is the most deadly cat for birds, rodents, and other small creatures.

The black-footed cat weighs five pounds—at the most. Most healthy, adult black-footed cats weigh just over four pounds. Females weigh-in even lower at 2.9 pounds.

It might be a little shocking to hear that these sweet little creatures are the most deadly, but when you see them strike at their prey, you won’t be surprised. They’re fast and dead quiet.

These little creatures are the deadliest cat in the world because of that. When they hunt, they have a 60% catch rate. Many of the world’s most terrifying predators have catch rates that don’t even compare.

Two of the largest predators in the cat family actually have some of the worst rates. Tigers are only successful on 10% of their hunts. Lions are successful on 18% of theirs. Even domestic cats beat out those two. Feral domestic cats are successful on 32% of their hunts.

The one cat that comes close to the black-footed cat is the cheetah. Cheetah pursuits end with a 58% success rate—but they’re still not as good as their five pound relatives. Check out this video to see a black-footed cat catch its prey.

These cats might look darling to us—I guess it’s a good thing we’re not the size of rodents!

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