There Is One Letter That Is Not in Any U.S. State. Can You Guess It?

January 03, 2018

Did you know that out of the 26-letter-alphabet, there are only 25 letters used in the spelling of the 50 American states? This is news to me, too!


Quickly run through the list of U.S. states and figure out which letter is not used. Feel free to take some time. Going through the 26 letters and 50 states might take a while!



Do you have your answer?


The answer is the letter "Q." Out of the 50 states, not one of them has the letter "Q." The rest of the letters show up at least once.



If you guessed "J" or "Z," you were close! But those show up in New Jersey and Arizona. California and Florida are the only two states with the letter "F" in them. As for the letter "X," it shows up in New Mexico and Texas.


Did you get it right? Share with your friends and see how well they guess! In other news, not many people can find the sixth word in these images. Can you? Check it out here!

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