These 5 Products Will Help you Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 02, 2018

Whether you’re happy about it or not, the new year has begun! Along with that comes plenty of new things. You forget that you now have to write a different date, you set new goals, and you have the joy of prepping for taxes!


Unfortunately, though, along with those...joyous things comes something else—giving up on those new goals. This year, instead of forgetting, or just simply giving up, there are some great things you can do to stick with them. These products are great ways to help you stay focused on your goals this year.


1. Daily planner



We all know that a daily planner can help you organize schedules, but this one does so much more. It has a goal tracking page that helps you set up specific goals throughout the year. Each week, you fill in a specific focus for the week overall and focuses for each day. At the end of each month, you fill out questions about your goals and how you did that month to help keep you on track.  


2. Gratitude journal



Many people resolve to be more grateful. A great way to help out with that goal is a gratitude journal. This one-line-per-day journal can help you write something every day that you’re grateful for. After five years, every line will be filled and you can look back on what you’ve been grateful for. Check it out here.


3. File organizer



Papers can cause messes. It seems like every day there’s a new piece of mail that has to get added to your stacks. This year, organize all those papers with a simple file organizer. Spend a little bit of time early on getting things organized. Through the year, just 30 minutes per week should be enough to stay on top of it. Check out some file boxes here.


4. Water tracker



Most people should probably be drinking more water. Even if you have other goals, this is a good one to add on. It can help improve your sleep, your energy, your mood, your digestion—basically anything! This water bottle can help you track how many times you’ve filled it up. Check it out here.


5. Bento Boxes



These reusable Bento Boxes are microwaveable and reusable. If you want to start eating healthier or bringing lunch to work, this is a great option. Check out the boxes here.


Do you have any other ways of sticking to your New Year’s Resolution? Share your ideas with the rest of us on Facebook! In other news, this boy was missing in Alabama. 13 years later, he was found. Read the full story here.

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