These 6 Habits Are Putting You at Risk for the Deadliest Flu in a Decade

January 29, 2018

Remember the Swine Flu? Everyone was terrified of it. We were convinced that it was going to wipe out the world. The flu everyone’s been talking about this year? It’s already more deadly than that.

This year’s flu season is threatening to be the deadliest in a decade. While many of the deaths connected to the flu are in children and elderly, this year’s flu is also impacting many around the age of 50—and also millennials.

There are tons of habits that can increase your risk of getting the flu. Check out these 6 habits that are increasing your risk—and your family’s risk—of getting the flu.

Wash your hands...WELL!

When you wash your hands during the flu season, don’t just wash them—scrub them! Many people forget to wash their thumbs. However, your thumbs are often some of the germiest. Make sure that you’re scrubbing your hands regularly throughout the day.

Wash your sheets

If you don’t normally wash your sheets every week, flu season is a great time to start. Sheets are a great place for germs to grow, so it’s important to wash them frequently—especially if someone in your family was sick recently.

Don’t use your phone in the bathroom

Bathrooms are festering grounds for germs and viruses. One of the worst things you can do is use your phone in the restroom. It gets exposed to many germs that you probably don’t want. Because phones aren’t washed frequently like hands, those germs stick around.

Don’t put your purse on the floor

This one might sound strange, but it’s important to keep the bottom of your purse away from unhealthy germs that are often found on the floor. Often, purses are put on counters and table tops, which can easily transfer those germs to your table. If you then eat off of that table, those germs will enter your system.

Disinfect handles and doors

During the flu season, many people clean surfaces more frequently, but some surfaces are left untouched. Be sure to disinfect surfaces like handles, doors, and light switches. Germy hands can touch them and transfer the virus to you.

Don’t eat lunch at your desk

According to some studies, desks are 100 times dirtier than toilet seats—I mean, think about it. Public toilet seats get washed several times each week—but how often does your desk get washed? Do you wipe down your keyboard? Your mouse? They all have tons of germs on them. If you eat your lunch there, those germs are all over your food.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these! These could easily transfer germs to you or your family and get everyone sick. Check out this article about some great ways to prevent the flu.

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