These Best Friends Wore the Same Dress—Even Though They’re 12 Sizes Different

January 03, 2018

Colleen Warner and her best friend Lexie have both struggled with eating disorders. Both of them have struggled with body image for most of their lives. While there are some differences between how they view their bodies, many of their issues are the same.


Both women were recently invited to attend the premiere of the documentary “Fatitude.” The documentary was created to bring light to the discrimination that many people face. Its goal was to inform people about the dangers of fat shaming and to remove the stigma against the word “fat.”


When Colleen and Lexie found out that they would both be attending the event, they wanted to figure out what to wear. It was Lexie’s idea to wear the same outfit.



Lexie said, “What if we wear the same outfit? So we can show that fat women and thin women can wear the same styles and both look great?”


Colleen is a size 12. Lexie is a size 24. They wanted to show others that they could both look great in the same dress.


The women looked around to find a dress that would be available in both of their sizes. The found something that they both loved. They bought the dresses online from ASOS.


Colleen wrote an article on HuffPost and shared, “We wanted to challenge the idea that people of different body types shouldn’t wear the same types of clothing. We wanted to show that while my size 12 and Lexie’s size 24 are different in number, they aren’t different in beauty.”



The night of the movie premiere, the two women were able to step into the movie theater together, both wearing the same outfit. This wasn’t a case of “who wore it better,” but instead a recognition that they are both beautiful, even though their number sizes are different.


“Stepping into the movie theater...was a really fun and powerful moment. We both loved our dress, and we were able to appreciate how we both looked without judging ourselves,” Colleen said. “I’m so proud that we are able to show the world how despite our bodies being different, we can both look amazing in the same dress.”


It’s amazing to see how these girls took the opportunity they were given and made a big statement. They were able to show how confident and beautiful they are—regardless of their dress size.


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