These Disney Princesses Were Reimagined as Queens

October 26, 2017

We love our Disney Princesses. If you don’t choose a favorite, you risk being shunned by your friends and family. Lately, Disney Princesses have been reimagined in countless ways—newborn children, animals, wedding dresses.

Disney princesses have always been young and beautiful. One photographer has changed that, though. Photographer Tony Ross and designer Nephi Garcia reimagined the young Disney princesses as fully grown, adult queens (still absolutely beautiful).

For each princess, the series shows the princess as a young woman. Most of these princesses look exactly as we know them from books and movies. The princesses are also portrayed as queens, with the age, wisdom, and elaborate costumes to go with it.

What makes this series even more incredible is that they didn’t just use random models to portray the princesses. Each princess is portrayed by a mother-daughter team. In the full video below, the princesses also had the opportunity to include a message to their mothers.

Princess Snow White is portrayed by model Amber Arden. Queen Snow White is portrayed by her mother-in-law Bonnie. Her message to Bonnie shares, “Words can never tell how much you mean to me...You’re still so very young at heart, and youthful in your soul.”

Princess Ariel is portrayed by the model Traci Hines. Queen Ariel is portrayed by her mother Elizabeth Oden. Her message shares, “Dear Mom, you might not have noticed, but I’ve been watching you. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to be just like you...Your crown may not always be visible, but you are a princess, and the queen of my heart.”

Princess Belle is portrayed by Bethanie Garcia. Queen Belle is portrayed by her mother, Linda Wadley. Bethanie shared, “It is so astounding to have that in your life, a mother like mine. Someone who just understands you, attuned to your needs before you even ask...Throughout her life, she has remained resilient, yet kind, and especially, beautiful, inside and out.”

Check out the full video. It starts with the designer talking about the photoshoot and the inspiration behind the series. Watch the video here.

It’s so inspiring to see these messages and images. It just goes to show how incredible a relationship between a mother and daughter can be.

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