These Dogs Look Big and Tough—Until They Got Stuck in a Storm Drain

December 05, 2017

Sometimes you look at a dog and they just look intimidating. Sometimes you look at a dog and they just look dumb. Somehow, these dogs looked both intimidating and dumb all in one moment.

Recently, three mastiffs escaped their yard. Mastiffs are huge and muscular—they’re usually one of the more intimidating dogs. Normally, it would be especially scary to see three of them roaming the streets in a pack.

Not this time, though. These Mastiffs might have wandered for a little bit, but then they got themselves in a little bit of a pickle.

They wandered into a culvert that was a part of a storm drain. After a few twists and turns in the underground tunnels, the big dogs couldn’t find their way out.

Eventually, they were spotted. Their faces were peeking out of a storm drain on the side of the road.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was called to help the dogs get out of their pickle. When rescuers came to save the dogs, they all tried to rush out of the drain at once. With their massive size, they weren’t able to get out of the drain.

After a little bit of coaxing and tugging, the massive dogs were pulled out of the drain and returned to their owner. Luckily, they hadn’t made it far before getting stuck in the drains.

These sweet dogs just needed a little bit of help! Now they’re back home—safe and sound. They still look just as intimidating as ever.

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