“The Star” — Hilarious Animated Film You Must Go See This Holiday Season

November 29, 2017

Sony Pictures Animation and AFFIRM Films' big day finally arrived on November 17 when they released an animated film called "The Star." The movie brings the true meaning of Christmas by retelling the birth story of Jesus Christ, but through a new set of eyes.

The story follows Bo; a small but courageous donkey who desires more in life. In his quest, he teams up with several animals including a dove named Dave. The two are a dynamic duo who provide a fresh yet witty sense of humor with their catchy lines that are sure to entertain both the kids and adults alike.

In a series of twists and turns, Bo’s journey takes him into the life of Mary, who is beginning her own journey. When word gets out that Mary, who is pregnant with Jesus, is in danger, Bo, Dave, and a few other four-legged friends do everything in their power to protect the most magnificent story ever told — the first Christmas.

The cast in this movie is impressive. Featuring voices of Oprah Winfrey, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Keegan-Michael Key, Kelly Clarkson, Anthony Anderson, Aidy Bryant, Tyler Perry, Christopher Plummer, and much more.

In an exclusive interview between Inspiring Day and the director of "The Star," Tim Reckart, who was nominated for an Academy Award® for Best Animated Short Film, “Head Over Heels,” openly answers questions about his personal faith and what he would like the audience to take from “The Star.”

While the trailer focuses more on Bo's adventure, Reckart explains that the movie offers more than that. He wanted the audience to easily relate to Mary and Joseph and experience God’s exceptional plan for them.

"I wanted to present Mary and Joseph in a way that showed their ordinariness, and I wanted to present them in a way that was recognizable and not overly holy," Reckart explained. "Just normal people, normal people with a good sense of humor, people you'd want to hang out with who are also answering the call of God in a really heroic way."

When Reckart was asked if blending faith and entertainment was difficult, he said it would have been challenging with a typical movie, but “The Star” already had an ending which made it easier. He also explained that the production team was able to be pretty creative and "read between the lines" with the talking animals while keeping everything else the same as it was told in the Bible.

"I think about my role as a Christian as being to imitate Jesus and Jesus for most of his life was a carpenter and I don't think that he made faith-based chairs and tables, I just think he made really good chairs and tables. So for me as a filmmaker, my job is to just make really good movies, whether they are on a sacred subject or not. To really do justice to this story, which is important to me because of my faith, it's important to also make it entertaining."

Reckart does a really good job at showing the success of working together and what can be obtained through friendship and hard work. Bo and his friends struggled in many ways throughout their journey, however, with their hope and call to do something great, it shows they can do anything through God's love.

"Whether you are called to be a dad, or a mom, or a janitor, or a lawyer, or just a second grader doing your homework, they may not look very big and important on the outside but if that is where God has placed you, then that's the great thing you are being called to do,” Reckart explained.

While "The Star" is an original movie due to its new perspective, Reckart hopes this film will become a classic, go-to movie around the holidays.

"When they want to watch the story of the birth of Jesus as a family together, this is the movie that I hope they reach for," Reckart explained. "I think it's fun for kids; I think it's deep for adults...I'm hoping that this movie keeps playing throughout the years."

You can tell that the hand of God was involved in the making of this film. The Star was released on November 17. Have you seen the movie yet? You can purchase your tickets at your nearest theater here! For a sneak peek, take a look at the extended trailer below!

Will you be seeing the "The Star" this holiday season? Share your thoughts in our comment section below! In other news, check out these five toys that will likely sell out this year!

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