This 2-Month-Old Hears Her Mother Speak For the First Time—Her Reaction is Priceless

November 21, 2017

Everyone loves videos of cute babies. It seems that there is a large percentage of the Internet dedicated to them. Whether it’s their chubby cheeks, flailing arms, or wobbly legs—we all love to watch them.

Sometimes, though, there’s a video that is especially special. That is the case for the video that Christy Keane made of her 2-month-old daughter.

Charlotte was born without the ability to hear. According to Christy, “It was shocking. I had never met a deaf person in my life until my daughter.”

After several tests were run, doctors determined that she has bilateral profound congenital hearing loss. This occurs once in every 1,000 to 2,000 births.

The family began to learn American Sign Language so they would be able to teach Charlotte and communicate with her. Doctors were able to determine that she could hear a tiny bit, though, so they wanted to try using a hearing aid.

Doctors fitted Charlotte with strong hearing aids to help amplify the sounds that she could hear. When they put them on her, her mother began talking to her. Charlotte made a face, as if she was confused by the sound, but also overjoyed by it.

Chrisy shared, “I had never in my life seen that face before. I’m her mother, and I know the look in her eyes when she’s sad, upset or hurting, and that connection, and that moment when your eyes met and she heard my voice for the first time, that was true emotion from her.”

Just watching the video, you can see the emotion in Charlotte’s eyes. She struggles to figure out what’s going on but is so happy at the same time. Check out the video here.

Charlotte will never be able to hear well. Even with the hearing aids, she can only hear slightly better than she can without them. Christy shared, “She has very profound hearing loss and is not and will not be cured. She will always be deaf and we can not tell what degree of hearing the aids are giving her, we just know she’s showing great and positive responses.”

The family will continue to learn American Sign Language to help Charlotte. They are also already planning on working with a speech therapist early in Charlotte’s life so she can learn how to talk.

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