This 6-Year-Old Uses Her Lemonade Stand To Pay Off Students’ Lunch Debt

January 08, 2018

After reading about a father who crowd-funded to cover the cost of unpaid lunches, this 6-year-old wanted to make a difference of her own. Amiah Van Hill was inspired by the recent story and wanted to put herself to the test to see if she could raise money for her school. 

"She's a really strong reader, so she read the story and said, 'Wow, this is great! I wonder if there are any kids at my school that need help paying their lunches,'" her mother, Rachel Van Hill, told ABC News.

This second-grade student from Hayden Meadows Elementary School in Idaho decided to create a lemonade stand to not only raise money but to create awareness around her community. Amiah found out that the unpaid lunch debt at her school was $40.55.

Amiah, who is 6-years-old had a little help as her younger sister, Aria, wanted to join. The two set up their shop on the sidewalk with a sign that read, "Lemonade 4 Lunch." 

Within an hour of setting up their first lemonade stand, Amiah and her sister met their goal.

Hayden Meadows Elementary Principal Lisa Pica told ABC News, "We are very proud of [Amiah] for the work she has done. Our school believes in giving back to the community and we work to instill that value in all of our students.

"We are thrilled that Amiah has embraced that value at such a young age and we are so very proud that she has taken it upon herself to find a way to help those in need," the statement continued. "She is a very special little lady."

The girls’ mother noticed that the task came pretty easy, paying off the school's debt. She decided to challenge her daughters to do even more.  

The two girls set up another lemonade stand the following week to raise money for other schools that were dealing with the same issue. This time the girls raised more than $300.

This little girl took matters into her own hands and is making a difference. She’s not only raising money but, she is also creating awareness while being inspiring in her community. It will be great to see this little leader’s future. Remember Tia and Tamera from “Sister, Sister?” Look what they are doing now!

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