This 94-Year-Old’s Dreams Came True When She Got to Make a Snow Angel

November 17, 2017

For some people, snow brings back the best memories. While it might be cold and wet, it is beautiful. One city in Montana recently went through its first major snow of the season.

To celebrate the first snow, many people go outside and try to catch snowflakes in their mouths. Some people have snowball fights, make snow angels, or build snowmen. This can be one of the best ways to celebrate the new season.

One woman in Bigfork, Montana hasn’t been able to celebrate snow as people typically do. Ilene Gembala is a 94-year-old woman who is living in an assisted living center.

Ilene told her caregivers that she wanted to be able to go outside and make a snow angel. They weren’t sure that she would be able to because she has been in a wheelchair, so it would be difficult for her to move freely like that.

Amanda Douglas, a caregiver at the Rising Mountains assisted living center, shared, “At first we weren't sure we should accommodate this request because it was pretty cold. We decided she’s a Montana girl that can handle the cold and we would make it work.”

Ilene’s caregivers started to figure out all of the logistics of helping Ilene make a snow angel. They wanted to work through all of the possibilities so they would be prepared for anything.

Amanda shared, “After figuring out the logistics, getting approval from her daughter, and bundling her up, we took Ilene outside.” Yes, it was cold. But for Ilene, it was worth it!

Apparently, Ilene loved being able to go out and create a snow angel. Most of the time, she is stuck inside in her wheelchair, so it was incredible for her to be able to get out like that.

Apparently, later that day, Ilene had a visitor at the assisted living center. Amanda shared, “She was bragging about going outside and doing a snow angel—it was pretty cute!” Check out the video below of Ilene making her snow angel!

I’m so glad that they helped Ilene make a snow angel! Everyone deserves to get out and appreciate the snow!

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