This Airline Wants to Weigh You Before You Fly

November 09, 2017

Heading to the airport is always a stressful event. You have to think about all of the little things you might’ve forgotten, get to the airport in time, get your tickets, make it through TSA, and find the right gate. Any number of things can go wrong through that process—and we’ve all heard horror stories of all the things that have gone wrong!

One airline is trying to add one more stressor to the whole situation: they want to weigh passengers before they board the plane. It does make sense that the airline would need to know an approximate weight to help with the manufacture and operation of their airlines, but this seems just a little too invasive.

Airlines do have to know how much passengers and their luggage might weigh. Recently, they have been relying on statistics from a 2009 survey by the European Avian Safety Association to tell them the average weight of passengers and their carry-on items.

While those statistics were accurate in 2009, airline regulations have changed significantly since then. The average weight of passengers has also likely changed in that time.

Finnair is the airline that is planning on rolling this out. This is the largest airline in Finland and they offer international flights to Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

Finnair is planning on starting this program at the Helsinki Airport. Scales will apparently be placed next to departure gates. Passengers will weigh themselves and their luggage so the airline can get up-to-date statistics.

This program is not compulsory, though. It will be strictly voluntary, but Finnair does hope to have at least 100 passengers from each flight to offer to weigh. The numbers on the scale will be kept confidential.

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