This App Will Help Your Dog Get Exercise

December 05, 2017

Dogs need daily exercise to burn energy and stay in shape, but not everyone has the time to give them the exercise they need. One service is doing what they can to get dogs the exercise they need every day.

“Wag!” is a dog walking service. Through an app, dog owners can sign up for their dog to get a 30-minute walk. According to their website, “Wag! gives you on-demand access to experienced dog handlers in your community you can hire for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding 7-days a week.”

If you get stuck at work through your lunch break and can’t go home to let your dog out, you can schedule a walker to come by and take your dog for a 30-minute walk, getting them the exercise they need.

Wag! ensures that their dog walkers are thoroughly screened and tested before they walk their first dog, so you know that your dog is in good hands. In fact, they approve less than 10% of the dog walkers that apply.

Wag! also provides free lock boxes so you can securely store a key for the walker to access. If you’re not home when the walk is scheduled, you can arrange for the walker to get the key out of the box and take your dog out. After returning your dog, they will ensure that the home is locked and the key is back in the lock box.

While your dog is on their walk, you can track where they are through the app using a GPS tracker. The walker might take pictures of your dog to send to you or post updates on whether they have peed or pooped during the walk.

Wag! has ensured that their customer’s homes will be safe by ensuring their services. According to their website, “Your home is protected up to $1,000,000 when you book a Wag! Dog walking or sitting service.”

Each 30-minute walk is only $20. You can also tip your walker and rate them. If you set up a regular schedule, you can have the same walker each time. Check out Wag!’s website for more information.

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