This Dog Mom Wanted to Spoil Her Pet—So She Designed an Entire Room for Him

January 04, 2018

Betsy Redfern of Mississippi moved away from her parent’s home for college last year. Her freshman year, she wasn’t able to have a pet. She was heartbroken about that, as she had lived with her dog for 12 years.


The next year, Betsy got a room where she could keep a pet, so she brought her chihuahua, Cupid, along with her. She was, however, worried about having to leave Cupid alone in a crate all day while she was at classes.


Betsy found the perfect solution for Cupid. Instead of leaving him in a crate, she decided to give him his own room.



Betsy transformed her apartment’s spare closet into a sweet bedroom with chihuahua-sized sized furniture for her canine companion. Instead of leaving Cupid in a crate during the day, he gets to stay in his little closet-sized bedroom.


It isn’t just a closet, though. Betsy transformed the space into the perfect little bedroom, complete with hanging clothes, a four-post bed, and a bucket of toys. There is even a shag rug under the bed. Betsey also added a pet gate to keep Cupid in the room while she is gone.



While this is a great idea, it’s not the most practical idea for most pet owners. To ensure that the furniture would fit Cupid right, Betsy and her mom worked together to design and sew everything.


Betsy shared, “Cupid’s room has been so great because I am able to put a baby gate up and keep him in there when I go to class so I know he is safe and cozy.”


When the Christmas season rolled around, Betsey even added some decorations to the space. “I was just decorating my apartment for Christmas, so I figured a tree would be a nice addition,” she said. “I like to spoil him.”



It’s incredible that Betsy was able to take her sweet friend with her to school. And it looks like Cupid is living his best life!


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