This “Elf on the Shelf” Almost Caught the Whole House on Fire

December 18, 2017

There are rarely any holiday traditions that are quite as polarizing as “Elf on the Shelf.” Some families love theirs or hate them, and some just refuse to do it. Regardless of how you feel about it, though, the little red elf is a holiday essential for many families.

If you don’t already know what it is, an “Elf on the Shelf” is an elf that is one of Santa’s little helpers. They go to homes around the country to figure out if the kids in that home were naughty or nice.

For the 25 days before Christmas, the parents arrange the elves in different places in the house at night doing something mischievous. Each morning, the kids wake up to see what problems the elf has caused. When it gets close to Christmas, the elf heads back to report to Santa.

This tradition might be a great way to keep your kids in line for Christmas, but it can also be dangerous. Firefighters in Dublin recently issued a warning about these toys.

One family had set their elf on a lamp for their kids to find the next morning. However, the lamp was turned on before the kids found the toy, so it sat on a hot lamp for some time.

Because the elf was certified to conform with toy testing laws in Europe, it was able to resist fire for 40 minutes. After that, however, it caught fire.

The fire could have burned down the entire house, but the fire department was able to quickly put it out before it caused any major problems. Regardless, this is a good reminder for parents to be careful about where they put the elf.

If you (or someone close to you) uses an “Elf on the Shelf,” always remember these tips to make sure your family is safe from fires:
Avoid placing it on heat sources
Keep it away from warm objects
Avoid electric cords.

Be safe this holiday season, everyone! And of course, as we approach Christmas, always remember to water your tree. A dry tree can catch fire in seconds. Read the article here.

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