This Environmentally-Friendly Paper is Made of Stone, Not Trees

September 12, 2017

Every single minute, around 36 football fields worth of trees are lost to deforestation. Already, we have cleared about half of the world’s tropical forests. If we continue to destroy trees at the rate that we are, rainforests will be completely destroyed within 100 years.

Many of the trees that are destroyed go into the production of paper—the simple, every paper you write on every day. One company has developed a new paper technology to try to limit deforestation: stone paper.

According to Karst Stone Paper, “We could kill trees too. But why should we have to? It’s possible to make paper without timber and water, without chlorine or acids, without waste, using only a third of the carbon footprint. So we did. Our paper is made of stone...We don’t compromise. Neither should you.”

Instead of using chemicals and trees to produce a smooth sheet of paper, Karst uses crushed stone and non-toxic resin to create something like paper that’s “waterproof, smoother, brighter, and more durable than traditional paper.”

Even better, Karst doesn’t mine stone or rock to create their paper. Instead, the resources for the paper are gathered from waste quarries and construction sites.

In addition to their efforts to create paper without trees, Karst has also committed to planting a tree for every notebook sole. They have partnered with the One Tree Planted foundation to assist with reforestation.

This video gives more information about the organization. Then go to their website to check out more!

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