This Family Rescued What They Thought Was a Puppy….It Wasn’t

October 31, 2017

The Shoplands thought they were doing a good deed when they brought an abandoned puppy home. The puppy had been stranded by the side of a road near a lake. Like any reasonable family, they couldn’t leave the puppy there alone.

They took the puppy home to nurse it back to health. They even went to Facebook to try to find a wet nurse for it.

The puppy grew every day. And as it grew, the found that it didn’t look quite like they expected it to. In fact, they realized that it probably wasn’t even a dog.

When you see a puppy-like animal next to the road. In fact, Ralph Shopland explained to CBC, “I just defaulted to thinking it was a dog.”

According to Yukon conservation officers, it was something else entirely. Officer Bakica shared, “They thought it might be an otter or a marten or a wolverine, possibly.”

The animal continued to grow. As it did, it developed a white tip on its tail. At this point, they figured out that it was probably a fox. After a month of caring for it, the Shoplands finally knew what it was. Check out this video of the darling little fox.

The fox’s ears stood up straight and his face changed into the recognizable snout. The most obvious change, though, was the smell. This smell is used by foxes in the wild to distinguish themselves. The smells can help to convey the fox’s status and mark its territory.

When they realized what it was, the fox was taken to a wildlife preserve. Conservationists wanted to limit the amount of human exposure the fox had so that it could be reacclimated to the wild.

While this isn’t the fox the Shoplands found, you have to see how darling this baby fox is! Check out this video.

While the Shoplands probably saved this fox’s life, you should always avoid touching wild animals. If you see one that might need help, call conservation officers or park rangers to help it.

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