This Man Is Riding Backwards and Paying It Forward All at the Same Time

January 09, 2018

For many employed people, the commute to work isn't usually described as "fun." What person in their right mind enjoys the drive to work? Unless they're in their plaid pajama bottoms walking five feet to their desk from their bed, I don't know anyone who enjoys their commute to work.


If you are among the unlucky millions of commuters, then you understand, and probably seek out podcasts or hilarious DJ's to ease the torturous drive. On the other hand, if you are among the thousands of commuters who get to experience this man, then we all envy you!


An Indianapolis, Indiana man, Lionel Hills, has decided to use his bicycle skills to make people's commute home a little bit brighter. For many years, Hills has been juggling while riding his bike in the parking lot of a then-Southside Animal Hospital. The hospital has since moved, so he decided to do his bike riding across the street.


Hills has become known as the "Bike Guy" to many commuters. Hill says he doesn't do it for money but to entertain the evening drivers.


“I do it for the joy it brings to people," Hills says, who is a claims processor by day. “The smile that comes to their faces when they see me riding.”


It all started in 2005 when Hills purchased his bike for $19.99 from a local pawn shop. Ashlynn Brunner started a Facebook page for Hills called, "Guy on Thompson and Emerson that Rides his Bike Backwards, and Juggles!" The page has more than 9,400 followers.


“When God gives us gifts and talents, he doesn’t want us to use them for ourselves. He wants us to share it with everyone,” Hills says. “It melts my heart. It makes me feel real good inside that I am doing something that helps other people.”


What do you think about the Lionel Hills story? Do you think he's making a difference in people's lives? Let us know in the comment section of our page! In unrelated news, there is one letter that is not in any U.S. state. 50 states and 25 letters—which letter is missing? Check out the article here!

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