This Man Made His Own Suit From Seed to Stitching—See the End Result

October 11, 2017

Andy George has made it his life’s mission to do something that most of us can’t be bothered to do. He makes things from scratch. I’m not just talking about making a homemade pie.

Andy makes products starting from the plant or animal. He will harvest every single ingredient from its original source. Through the course of his videos, he has grown his own wheat, harvested salt from the ocean, milked cows, and squashed bugs for dye.

In one video, he decided to make his own formal suit. But instead of spending thousands on a brand name, he went through all of the steps to make it himself.

He decided to use a range of different materials to get the full experience. He wanted to make hemp pants, a cotton shirt, a silk tie, a wool vest, and an alpaca jacket. Of course, he had to go through all of the steps to make each piece of fabric.

He started by going to a farm where he could harvest hemp. He went through the process of picking the stalks and shredding them of the extra pieces. This process makes the hemp limp and thread-like. At this point, though, it just looks like a shredded plant.

He then went to a cotton farm. He took the time to pick his own cotton—even though machines have made that process so much easier. After feeding his cotton through a cotton gin, he was left with the cotton fibers he wanted.

To see the rest of the process and the final result, check out the second page.

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