This Mother Was Pregnant With Two Children—Only One Was Hers, Though

November 09, 2017

When Jessica Allen decided to be a surrogate mother, she knew she would be carrying someone else’s child. She had no idea, however, that she would end up carrying two.

Jessica agreed to be the surrogate for the Lius, a Chinese couple who wanted a surrogate for their baby. In exchange, the Lius planned to pay Jessica $30,000 for the healthy baby.

An embryo from the Lius was implanted into Jessica’s uterus. Over a week later, the pregnancy was confirmed through a blood test.

Six into her pregnancy, though, Jessica found out that she was actually pregnant with twins. They assumed that the embryo had split into two, creating identical twins instead of just one baby. The Lius agreed to increase her pay to $35,000 for the twins.

After carrying the babies for 38 weeks, Jessica delivered then at a hospital. She and the Lius had agreed that Jessica would not see the babies, so she never saw them in person, though she was shown a photo.

When she saw the photo, she noticed that one of the babies seemed much lighter than the other, but she assumed it was just lighting. Because they should have been identical twins, there shouldn’t have been visible differences.

A month later, though, the mother began to think that one of the babies wasn’t hers biological son. As the babies grew, they began to notice more differences between them—casting doubt on the fact that they were identical twins.

The Lius ordered genetic tests to determine if it was their biological son. It wasn’t. The second baby wasn’t a twin of the first. Jessica had actually become pregnant with her own baby while also pregnant with the Lius’ baby.

The Lius did not want to keep the baby if it wasn’t theirs biologically—but they also weren’t prepared to give it back to Jessica and her husband. The Lius wanted Jessica to pay $18,000 to $22,000 for the return of her baby. When Jessica wasn’t willing to pay that, the Lius began to consider putting him up for adoption.

After a month of legal struggles, the Lius finally agreed to return Jessica’s son, who they named Malachi, to her without an exchange of money. That still isn’t the end of the battle for Jessica, though. Because Malachi was registered as the son of other parents, Jessica did not have his official birth certificate. As a result of this, she has struggled to secure a social security card.

Jessica and her husband Jasper are just glad to have their surprise baby. Jasper shared, “We’re definitely grateful he’s with us. He’s walking, he’s trying to talk. He’s smart, he’s goofy and we love him to death.”

It’s amazing to see miracles like little Malachi. We’re just glad that he’s been returned to his parents and that he’s a happy, healthy baby.

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