Mother Claimed That This Popular Toy Gave Her Child a Chemical Burn

December 20, 2017

It’s that time of year when you’re frantically running around, looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the kid in your life. You know how it is. But this season, there’s one toy that might be worth avoiding.


Earlier this month, Jennifer Renee bought her daughter a new toy, a Hatchimals Bath Bomb. The Hatchimals toys have been popular for over a year—they were one of the top-selling toys of this season last year. And it doesn’t look like their popularity hasn’t slowed down much.


In the past year, Hatchimals has released many new products, allowing parents to buy Hatchimal-obsessed kids their favorite toy in a few different formats. One of those new products is the Hatchimals Bath Bomb.



This bath bomb is meant to be placed in a bathtub that is filled with water. After a few minutes, the outside part of the bath bomb dissolves into the water, releasing color. On the inside of the bath bomb is a small Hatchimals toy.


Everything seemed normal to Jennifer when they went to use the Hatchimals Bath Bomb. However, soon after her daughter got into the water, she started to complain about her skin hurting.


Jennifer quickly pulled her daughter out of the water and looked at her skin. Her daughter, Willow, had gotten a chemical burn from the bath bomb.

Jennifer took her daughter to the doctor so they could get it looked at and they were informed that it was a chemical burn, not an allergic reaction. Jennifer called the company to tell them what happened so that other children would not be hurt by them.


Jennifer posted her PSA on Facebook to warn others not to buy the product.



According to her post, the company is looking into the issue and expects to recall the batch that Willow’s product came from. According to her mother, Willow is recovering from the burn, but has to use antibiotics and steroid cream on her hands.


This is so scary! Hopefully the company figures this out and issues a recall soon! Share the story with your friends to make sure they don’t have any dangerous products.


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