This Royal Used Fake Name for Secret Facebook Profile; Fans Are Shocked They Missed It

March 22, 2018

Growing up in the limelight and during the digital era, the Royals had to be very careful when it came to social media. Especially, at a young age, it was only natural for the adolescent Prince William and Prince Harry to be curious when it came to social media.

It was revealed that Prince Harry used a fake name for all his social media accounts. He needed to be discrete, and he had to protect his identity, but wanted to be involved in the social media hype.


According to "The Telegraph," Prince Harry, whose nickname is Spike, had a Facebook profile under the name of "Spike Wells." With over 400 friends, including Britain's richest of rich, Harry was able to banter back and forth with his friends; sharing videos and pictures. Harry has also been seen wearing a t-shirt that has the name "Spike" on it.

He shut down the account of "Spike Wells" back in 2012 when the Las Vegas scandal ignited. Harry was pictured naked at an upscale hotel.


As for the other royals, such as the Queen, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, they are represented by Kensington Royal's social media pages. As for the soon-to-be bride, Meghan Markle, she has deleted her social media accounts after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced.



As for Princess Eugenie, she has decided to manage her own Instagram profile, making her the first Royal to have done so. She launched her profile just recently on International Women's Day.


In other news, Princess Diana's presence will be felt at Prince Harry's wedding in a bittersweet way. You will get goosebumps! Check it out here.

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