This Skateboarding Dog Was Diagnosed With Cancer—but He’s on the Mend!

November 29, 2017

Norman has some incredible skills. He can scooter, bike, skateboard, and surf. For a human that would be fairly impressive; but Norman isn’t a human—he’s a dog.

Norman is a 7-year-old French Sheepdog who has battled the difficulties of learning all sorts of different skills. Recently, though, he’s been battling something else entirely—cancer.

In June of 2017, Norman was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. Lymphoma in dogs often results in death very soon after being diagnosed. Norman’s owners knew that he was a fighter, though, so they wanted to do everything they could to support him.

Norman’s treatment was estimated to cost at least $20,000. To help them raise the money, Norman’s family started a GoFundMe page.

Now, several months into his treatment, Norman is beginning to act link himself once again. According to the latest update on GoFundMe, “Norman’s vet said he is acting like a puppy and is feeling better everyday. He’s jumping around and playing which is good.”

While Norman is beginning to act like himself again, he’s still not back to his old self. His platelets are not back to their normal level. However, his cells are starting to return to their normal function, so he should be able to go back home soon.

Soon enough, Norman should be back on his scooter. According to his GoFundMe, “Norman has so many more years of joy to give. This dog loves life and lives to make others happy. It is hard to imagine not doing everything humanly possible to save his life.”

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