This Sugar Alternative Tastes Just Like Sugar, But is Completely Guilt-Free

November 27, 2017

I was in a post-Thanksgiving food coma this year when a cousin mentioned the unmentionable on Thanksgiving: her diet. No one wants to talk about diets immediately after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. I was just looking forward to that sugar-laden pie when she had to make me feel guilty for eating sugar.

When I actually started listening to her, though, I realized that it wasn’t just her diet that she was talking about. Apparently, she had baked all of the pies and had used a “healthy” alternative to sugar.

Of course, I don’t trust any of those sugar alternatives. People can talk about Splenda and Truvia all they want, but none of them taste the same. Splenda is really just a bunch of chemicals that don’t seem healthy at all and Truvia has that strange after-taste.

But by the time I was eating the pies, I had completely forgotten that they were sugar-free. And I couldn’t tell any difference at all.

In fact, this “sugar-free” pie was one of the best apple pies I’d ever eaten.

My cousin had used a sugar-alternative blend to make her pies. It wasn’t just Splenda or Truvia or any one of the other sugar alternatives. This blend combines Erythritol and Stevia to create the perfect blend to bake with.

This sweetener is produced by “Trim Healthy Mama,” two sisters who have done everything they can to make weight loss as easy and stress free as possible. They offer recipes, tips, and other information on their website.

This sweetener contains significantly fewer carbs per teaspoon than sugar and contains no sugar. It also is sweeter than sugar is, so you don’t have to use as much to bake with. In fact, it is four times sweeter than normal sugar. Only one teaspoon of this sweetener is needed for 1.5 tablespoons of regular sugar.

If you’re interested in trying out the sugar alternative, you can buy it here. The company also sells several other sweetener blends that can be used to replace sugar in your recipes.

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