This Woman Proved Why You Should Never Be Self-Conscious of Your Size

January 10, 2018

Have you ever tried on a size 12 at one store in at fits perfectly but at the next store it's far too small or far too big? You're not the only one who struggles with that. It seems like every clothing brand has their own system for sizing clothes. This can make it nearly impossible to figure out what your size is.


Even in clothing for younger women and girls, there are major differences in between sizes. For women and girls who feel self-conscious about their body types, can be extremely difficult and damaging to her confidence.



One woman recently realized just how different each size can fit. Deena Shoemaker was going through her closet when she realized that some of her pants were size 6 and others were size 12 and I didn't seem to be any difference in the way that they fit her.


This makes me think about all of the young teen and preaching she has worked with recently as a mentor for at-risk kids. he thought about all of the times the girls had commented on how “fat” they looked or felt because they went up a size.


"I remembered all the times I've heard girls say they're fat because they went up a pant size, talk about all the diets they've been on,” she shared. “I tried telling them it's not true but they never really seemed to believe me all the pieces fell into place for me when I file my own pants. Lifesaver believing were coming from something so commonplace that they  didn't even recognize it as the source of their hurt."


Deena decided to do something about it. She posted several images of herself on Facebook. In each image she's wearing a different size of pants, changing from a size 5 to a size 12.


Images like this are often posted on Facebook as a sort of "before and after" to show weight loss. However, Deena's images were taken on the same day— she simply wanted to show that her number size didn't mean anything. The size 12 pants fit her just as well as the size 5 pants.


In the comment, she explained, "Let me explain why I'm not happy, America. You photoshop models and actresses and slap them on the front of beauty magazines. At this point, it's a pretty universally known truth that you're lying to us and those aren't accurate portrayals of the human body. I can prove it to girls pretty easily by simply showing them how Photoshop works."


She went on, "STOP telling my girls got a size 4 is the 'ideal body size' and the 'epitome of beauty' if you're going to change the size 4 into an 8 or 12 or whatever number you feel like on any given day."



She then went on to encourage the girls in her life, "Your size doesn't when your beauty; your life does. The size printed inside your clothes is subjective the fashion industry Personal Taste and it fluctuates rapidly. Stop believing the social normatives about who and what you should be.”


The girls that Deena mentors are lucky to have her in their lives. Hopefully, she can continue to show them that they are just as beautiful as they act—regardless of what their clothing sizes are.


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