This Woman’s Family Never Saw Her Without Makeup—You Have to See Her Incredible Transformation

November 27, 2017

We all fall into our beauty routines—after all, it’s much easier to do your makeup and hair the same way every day. It takes the guesswork out of your morning routine. It’s always important to change it up every once in awhile, though.

For over twenty years, Jan DeVito stuck to the exact same routine. She would put her hair in a bun, add a few layers of hairspray, and put the same makeup on every morning.

She shared, “I’ve used the same makeup since I was at least 15 or 16. I’ve probably added a few more layers as I’ve gotten older.”

At the end of the day, Jan never washed her face. In fact, she would apply even more makeup before bed. She shared that she would never leave her home without makeup and she never knows when there might be an emergency, so she had to wear it to bed every night.

Jan adds even more makeup to her face at work. She shared that she would reapply her makeup at least twice by lunchtime.

She also likes to layer the hairspray on her hair. She puts it in a bun every morning. Before leaving the house, she shared that she usually adds 2-3 layers of hairspray. At her salon, she adds even more hairspray.

Oprah teamed up with Tyra Banks to give Jan a whole new look. They wanted to give Jan a look that was a little more age-appropriate. They washed her face and put on a light layer of makeup to give her the perfect, natural glow. They also cut and styled her hair.

When she stepped out from behind the curtain, Jan looks at least twenty years younger. Her daughter and friends, who had never seen her without her layers of makeup on, burst out in screams. Check out the full video below.

It’s incredible to see the difference this “makeunder” had for Jan. This video is an incredible reminder to always update your makeup! Check out some of these beauty mistakes that make you look older. 

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