This Woman’s Halloween Decorations Will Put Yours to Shame

October 09, 2018

Every Halloween, I buy a huge bag of candy to hand out to all of the kids who are going to trick-or-treat. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that there are fewer and fewer kids. In fact, at the end of most Halloween evenings, I end up eating the entire bag to myself (hey, no complaints here).

One woman, though, gets over 1,000 trick-or-treaters each year. That’s exactly what happens when you decorate your house like Stefanie Schiada does.

Stefanie is the blogger behind Brooklyn Limestone. Her blog states, “This blog started as a way to document the reno of our 100+-year-old limestone in Brooklyn, NY. Over the years it has evolved to include entertaining design, travel & decor.”

Every year, she takes on a new theme to design her home. This year, it has become a haunted hotel.

In front of her door, there is a skeleton concierge with a check-in desk. The name of her hotel is “Eternal Rest Hotel.”

It has all the right details for the perfect Halloween-themed hotel—right in front of her house. To complete the look, she included some DIY projects, like a key rack. There are tons of spooky elements that make this the perfect decoration.

While it is spooky, it’s not too spooky. Schiada does make sure that all of her decorations are appropriate for children of all ages.

If you want to find out how Schiada created some of her decorations, you can check out her blog. She shares some how-tos on how to create some of the details in from her decorations.

You can see more photos of Stefanie’s decorations on her blog or her Instagram. Follow her blog for inspiration throughout the year.

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