Woman Tries Wacky and Interesting New Things For a Week Leaving Onlookers Surprised by Her Results—We Could Learn A Lot From Her

April 24, 2018
Updated April 26 2018 6:08pm ET

One day I was looking at all the TV shows on Facebook, when I saw a series called, “Try Living With Lucie” come up. Intrigued I clicked on one of her first videos in the series. From that point, I was hooked. She was doing what a lot of us don’t do—trying new things!

Basically, she picks something new that she’s interested in and tries it out for five days, documenting her experiences for us all to watch. It is quite entertaining and inspiring! Here are my personal favorites from her series:

5 Days of Facing My Fears

Can you imagine facing your fears for 5 days? She literally pulls some of her worst fears out of a bowl and faces them. Yikes! Who said this was all fun and games!?

5 Days of No Cell Phones

Most of us couldn't go 5 hours without some interaction with our cell phones. She goes a whole 5 days. Think you could make it? I've tried and failed but I wish you luck!

5 Days of No Coffee

This is just straight up crazy sauce! This I definitely couldn't do, nor would I want to try. That is unless you want a zombie roaming the streets. Think you could do it?

5 Days of Art

Finally something fun! In this episode, she explores different art forms for 5 days. My favorite was the stop motion videos. I think I am going to be trying that one sometime soon and maybe even post it to our site.

5 Days of Productivity

Everyone could use a good jolt of productivity every now and again (some more often than others). Regardless, the creative ways she chooses to get productive are inspiring.

5 Days of Bizarre Beauty Experiments

Some of these are, in fact, quite bizarre! They intrigue me though. I think I will be trying a few of these myself. How about you?

Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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