This Woman Went From Being a Mother of 3 to a Mother of 9—In a Matter of Minutes

December 18, 2017

Last Christmas, Courtney and Eric Waldrop were celebrating Christmas with their three sons and were wanting to have another. This year, they’ll be celebrating with their nine children.

This summer, Courtney found out that she was pregnant. She wasn’t just pregnant with one child, though. She was pregnant with six. Courtney would be having sextuplets.

From the beginning, the couple knew that a pregnancy like this is extremely high risk. Courtney had to eat plenty of food so her and all of the babies would get the calories they needed. She was also on bedrest for parts of her pregnancy in the hopes of keeping the babies from being delivered too soon.

The doctors knew that she would have to deliver the babies early, so they were prepared to deliver at a moment’s notice. They even scheduled a C-section for Courtney at 30 weeks.

However, she never made it to that C-section. Instead, she went into labor naturally just before 30 weeks.

A team of around 40 nurses and specialists were prepared to help Courtney through her delivery. In only four minutes, Courtney delivered all six babies.

According to doctors at the hospital, the babies came out crying and are now stable. However, the family still has a long way to go.

Courtney shared her experience on Facebook, “My body is in complete shock after growing 6 babies. I talked out of my head all night...and have been very weak. A little scary at what was happening to me. I continued to lose a lot of blood through the next day.”

The babies are still in the NICU to ensure that they continue to grow properly and are healthy. Eric shared, “When they grow and we’re actually responsible for feeding them and changing them and still taking care of our other three—and trying to work and make monthly to raise them, that’s when it’s gonna get real.”

Three boys were born. Their names are Layke, Blu, and Tag. The other three girls’ names are Rivers, Rayne, and Rawlings. The older kids are named Saylor, Bridge, and Wales.

To keep up on the family, you can check out their Facebook page. In other news, have you heard about the 65-year-old woman who just gave birth to quadruplets? Check it out here.

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