This Woman’s Dress Shocked Her Grandmother on Her Wedding Day

October 03, 2017

Weddings are always filled with meaning and tradition. One bride, Jordyn Cleverly, recently realized how meaningful some things can be.

After Cleverly’s now-husband proposed to her, she started shopping around for the perfect dress. She wanted something that had a classic style and looked antique.

Cleverly was so stressed about finding the perfect dress that she even pushed her wedding back. According to Cleverly, “After trying on 30 dresses, I pushed my wedding out a year so I could find the right one. I was so discouraged.”

Years before, Cleverly’s grandmother, Penny Jensen, had decided to get rid of her wedding dress. She told her son that if anyone wanted it, they should come get it; otherwise, it would be donated.

Jensen’s son (Cleverly’s father) decided to save the dress. Even if no one wanted to wear it, he decided that he would rather keep it in the family.

That was the exact dress that Cleverly was shopping for. Eventually, she remembered that the dress was tucked away somewhere at her father’s house. When she tried it on, she loved it just as much as she hoped she would.

Cleverly found a seamstress who focused on altering antique fabrics. Though the seamstress warned that some of the lace might blow out, she was able to alter it to fit Cleverly perfectly.

As the wedding got closer, Jensen had no idea that her granddaughter would be wearing her wedding dress from 1962. The day of the rehearsal dinner Cleverly arranged a first look with her grandmother to surprise her.

When Jensen saw that Cleverly was wearing her wedding dress from 1962, everyone started crying. According to the photographer, “Everyone was crying. My camera was dripping in my tears. It was so sweet.”

This was such a sweet thing for Cleverly to do to honor her grandmother on her wedding day. They’ll have these memories and sweet photos forever.

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